How to Make Candy Molds

There will come a time when you want to stretch your candy making horizons by creating something unique. Perhaps, you have a special event planned and you want to replicate an object, perhaps a sea shell or a medallion, as a candy you can offer to your friends at that event. If there is nothing available where you usually buy candy molds and supplies, or your object is unique, you should learn how to make candy molds to achieve your goal.

To make candy molds is not difficult, and incredible detail can be obtained for fantastic looking candy you can reproduce over and over again. When you make your own custom molds, your candy will be unique, personalized, and the center of attention, for sure! If you need ideas, try this service and you will never wonder what to make next.

Here’s how to get started:

custom candy mold objectDecide what object you will use as the basis for your mold. As a beginner, start by making a flat mold, so use objects where all the detail is principally on one side. If we use our example of a sea shell for learning, you would want to use something like one half of a scallop shell or maybe a sand dollar rather than starting out with a fully 3D shell like a conch. You will be able to make fully 3D molds with the right materials and techniques, but starting with the easiest objects will get you a delightful result, and build some handling skills in the process. How to make candy molds is a skill you can easily acquire through practice.

Basic molding is a four-step process:
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Fix your shell down to your working surface (could be a clean piece of plywood cut down to a manageable size) so that it is sealed to the surface in such a way your molding material can not get under the shell. You could even use “museum putty” for this, though there are some specialty products made for this step.

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Mix the molding material as the manufacturer instructs. You want a two-part silicone product like Silicone Plastique®, CopyFlex™, or something similar. Mixing the two parts together activates the silicone to begin setting up, so you will have 10 or 15 minutes, usually, to work.

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Apply a very thin layer of the thoroughly mixed molding material to the shell, being sure all details of the surface have been carefully filled. Then, immediately follow with a thicker layer over this so that your mold is at least ¼ inch thick all around the object.

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Let the molding material set completely. The manufacturer will have curing times for your application; remember the thicker you make the mold the longer it takes to set up completely.

Now, simply peel your new custom candy mold from the original object and it is ready to use (wash it first in warm soapy water).

How to make candy molds of 3D objects is more complicated, of course, but completely doable for most people. If you didn’t know how to make a candy mold, now at least you have the idea. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you will be rewarded with custom candy molds you’ll use for years. With a 3-D mold, you are making two molds, one for each half of the object you are replicating, which fit together exactly and securely.

Imagine the delight on your friend’s and
family’s faces when they see a familiar object
customized as a delicious candy!

The original object should not have too much in the way of very delicate, raised, or depressed details that would make it difficult to remove from the candy from your mold. Silicone is very flexible, so you can really get away with a lot!

Now that you know how to make candy molds, I encourage you to try making your own. It is great fun and certainly will put you in a class by yourself as a candy maker. The next step is to make wrappings for the candy for that finished, professional touch. Use professional candy wrapper software and you really can’t go wrong!

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